1. Send out a monthly newsletter.
2. Contact prison inmates six months before release.
3. Send them a first mentoring sheet – initial information.
4. Send them a second mentoring sheet – more detailed.
5. Give them permission to call us collect once a month, if in New Mexico.
6. Counsel them regarding a parole plan.
7. Share the gospel message with them during this period.
8. If they are released to Albuquerque, we may meet them at the Greyhound bus; help them with clothing, backpack, belt, a wallet, perhaps a city bus pass, and take them to be registered and etc…
9. Help them to find a church.
10. If they are residing at La Pasada halfway house, we invite them to our Friday evening Bible study.
11. Continue counseling them on not reoffending, finding jobs, place to live and a church to fellowship with.
12. Encourage them to attend our monthly meeting “Circle of Concern”.