1. Send out a monthly newsletter.
2. Contact prison inmates six months before release.
3. Send them a first mentoring sheet – initial information.
4. Send them a second mentoring sheet – more detailed.
5. Give them permission to call us collect once a month, if in New Mexico.
6. Counsel them regarding a parole plan.
7. Share the gospel message with them during this period.
8. If they are released to Albuquerque, we may meet them at the Greyhound bus; help them with clothing, backpack, belt, a wallet, perhaps a city bus pass, and take them to be registered and etc…
9. Help them to find a church.
10. If they are residing at La Pasada halfway house, we invite them to our Friday evening Bible study. (On hold during Covid)
11. Continue counseling them on not reoffending, finding jobs, place to live and a church to fellowship with.
12. Encourage them to attend our monthly meeting “Circle of Concern”.